Kowa American Corporation

Caprolactone-modified tris(2-acryloxyethyl) isocyanurate

NK ESTER A-9300-CL (Caprolactone-modified tris(2-acryloxyethyl) isocyanurate) is a compound where the tris(2-acryloxyethyl) isocyanurate (THEICTA) is modified to include a linear caprolactone spacer on one of the 3 acrylate branches to make this monomer a liquid at room temperature making it easier to disperse this monomer into Radcure formulations with other monomers and oligomers.  The high […]

Tricyclodecane dimethanol diacrylate

NK ESTER A-DCP (Tricyclodecane dimethanol diacrylate) has two acrylate groups are bonded on opposite sides of a  bulky tricyclodecane dimethanol molecule. With its molecular structure, it exhibits exceptional hardness, High Tg, low shrinkage after curing and hydrophobicity.  These characteristics make it widely used in various industrial sectors such as 3D Printing resin , adhesives, coatings, […]

Isobornyl methacrylate

IBXMA(IBOMA) belongs to the class of methacrylate monofunctional monomers. It is known for its water resistance (hydrophobicity), excellent adhesion properties, High Tg, low volatility and resistance to yellowing, making it a valuable component in the formulation of adhesives, inks, and coatings. This versatile compound is often utilized in the production of high performance automotive and industrial […]

Tricyclodecane dimethanol dimethacrylate

NK Ester DCP is a low viscosity difunctional acrylate monomer that is polymerized by free radicals. It can be used in a variety of UV and Electron Beam cured applications where flexibility and adhesion are required. NK Ester DCP also demonstrated good film toughness and weathering characteristics.