Kowa American Corporation

Cyclohexyl methacrylate

CHMA forms homopolymers and copolymers. Copolymers of DHMA can be prepared with acrylic acid and its salts, amides and esters, and with methacrylates, acrylonitrile, styrene, butadiene, unsaturated polyesters and drying oils, etc. CHMA is also a very useful feedstock for chemical syntheses, because it readily undergoes addition with a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds.


Solid Acrylamide is intended to be used as raw material in the manufacture of paper strength enhancing agents, synthetic resins, synthetic fiber, waste water coagulant, soil improving agent, adhesives and paints.


TBAA is a monomer used for the production of many polymers and is an intermediate in organic chemical synthesis. Copolymers of TBAA and acrylic acid are useful for thickening aqueous solutions, mixtures or systems that have high performance requirements under high pH conditions.

ALKOX® Polyethylene Oxide

Alkox® is a water-soluble polymer providing binding, thickening, lubricity, water retention, and film formation benefits to deliver excellent performance in a variety of applications. Made in JAPAN.

N,N-methylenebis acrylamide

With two reactive functional groups in the molecule, MBAA easily reacts with other monomers such as acrylamide and acrylic acid, and is widely used as a cross-linking agent for a variety of polymers. Recent applications include photosensitive resins, super-absorbent resins, resins for medical uses, immobilation of micro-organisms and gel for electrophoresis and chromatography.