Kowa American Corporation

Coated grades aluminum paste

Coated grades aluminum paste are produced by applying special acrylic resin coatings to the design-grade microleafs. This heightens chemical resistance, voltage resistance, adhesion, and other properties. In each grade, the resin types and thickness provide a specific combination of superior properties, functions and performance.

Standard design grades aluminum paste

Series M comprises the standard design grades. Series MC and AM add superior whiteness.The MG and several other series provide added brightness. Series MH is outstanding in its combination of high whiteness, brightness, and flip-flop effect,

Aluminum Paste Series Leafing, Non-Leafing and Fine Leafing

Leafing and non-leafing standard grades are widely employed in silver paints, industrial coatings, heat and corrosion resistant coatings, resin-kneading, and many other fields of application. Fine leafing grades with their extremely small flake size provide exceptionally high hiding power. In various combinations of flake size, solvent types, and non-volatile content, they provide high, application-specific performance in […]

Design grades aluminum paste

The FD, GX, MH, M and BS Series represent the ultimate in distinctive, finely controlled brightness, whiteness, flip-flop, fineness, and other optical effects and designs that are particularly desirable in automotive, consumer electronics and IT, and other key fields.