Kowa American Corporation

PMMA microspheres

Acrylic Microspheres

This product series of fine PMMA spherical particles are developed using exclusive polymerization techniques to create world-class acrylic microspheres controlled for particle-size ranges and distributions, and degrees of cross-linkage.

Each series has various grades depending on the average particle size; from the smallest MP-1451 with just 150 nanometer average particle size up to MP-1000 with 400 nm. If you need a specific particle size, please contact us for more information.

Applications examples include creating minimal-residue micropores for electrochemical applications, improve fluidity and viscosity as an additive in inks and toners, embed on a surface for light-diffusion, etc.


Series Photo Degree of
crosslinking Particle size
distribution Average particle
MX MX Standard to High Narrow 0.8~30
MZ MZ Ultra high Middle 5~30
MR MR Standard to High Wide 1~10
KMR KMR Ultra high Wide 3
MP MP None Narrow 0.15~0.4


  • Anti-glare
  • Fluidity Adjustment
  • Light Diffusion
  • Matting
  • Nanotechnology
  • Soft Feel


  • Additive
  • Architectural Coatings
  • Automotive coatings
  • Coatings for Plastics
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Metal Glass Plastic Coatings
  • Paint & Coatings-Solventborne
  • Paint & Coatings-Waterborne
  • Plastics & Other Flexible Substrates Coatings
  • Printing Ink
  • Protective Coatings