Kowa American Corporation

Spherical Calcium Carbonate

Calmaru SCS-M5

Spherical Calcium Carbonate as alternative to nylon beads.


Refractive index: 1.66
Oil absorption*: 30 ml/100g
Bulk density**: 150 ml/100g

* Silica : 117 ml/100g, Nylon Beads : 56 ml/100g
** Silica : 525 ml/100g, Nylon Beads : 417 ml/100g

Features & Benefits

Clear, white, platy powder with excellent rolling texture. Provides a soft-focus effect on skin imperfections and maintains long-lasting clear whiteness even after sebum absorption. Enhances the strength of compact powder.


INCI Name: Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Metaphosphate


  • Alternative to nylon beads
  • Bulking agent
  • Soft focus effect
  • Texture enhancer


  • Skincare products
  • Foundation