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CI Dextran-mix (CI)

CI Dextran-mix (CI)

CI Dextran-mix (CI) is an abbreviation for Cycloisomaltooligosaccharide (Cyclodextran), a cyclic oligosaccharide consisting of glucose units linked together in rings. Its major characteristic is its capacity to inhibit the formation of dental plaque, even in the presence of sugar. Despite similarities to cyclodextrin, CI differs in its glucose bonding mode.


✓ Tasteless and odorless
✓ Highly stable to heat, acids, and alkalis
✓ Highly soluble in water.


Features & Benefits

Cyclodextran can be easily incorporated into a wide range of food products, such as chewing gum, candy, bakery products and even pet food. Made in Japan.


  • Prevention of plaque formation


  • Baked goods
  • Candy
  • Chewing gum
  • Oral care products
  • Pet food