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®Molecule Gradient Layer Double Faced Adhesive Tape

®Molecule Gradient Layer Double Faced Adhesive Tape

The manufacturing process gradates the molecular weight from the center layer which enhances intermolecular attraction to produce very strong bonds.
To secure strong adhesive strength to various adherends, a special low molecular adhesive layer has been selected.

In this technique, because the entire thickness of the tape strongly contributes to high molecular properties and adhesive strength, it has 1.5 to 2 times higher adhesive strength, heat resistance and viscoelasticity as compared with conventional tapes.


Structure: Three-layer gradation structure

1st layer : Low molecular gradient adhesive
2nd layer: Special Polymer
3rd layer: Low molecular gradient adhesiv


●High Adhesion/Good Followability
200A/300A series

●Heat Resistance
200Y Series

●High Adhesion / Waterproofness / Chemical Resistance
300Z Series


  • Adhesion
  • Flexibility


  • Automotive Parts
  • Adhesives-Specialty
  • Electronics