Kowa American Corporation

BellPearl® Series

Phenolic resin microspheres

BellPearl® Series are non-toxic, high performance phenolic resins with perfectly spherical shape. They are part of KOWA’s Microsphere series which is characterized with high molecular weight and low cross-linking density.

S type: A hot melt, self curing type. Soluble in solvents. Used as binder resins for moldings. Also used as thermo-setting resin.
R type: Does not melt with heat. Cured type. Insoluble in solvents. Used as reactive organic filler to, for instance, improve thermal resistance of matrix.
C type: Amorphous carbon particulates obtained by carbonizing R type Bellpearl. Used as filler to improve electric conductivity and frictional properties of matrix.


  • Anti-blocking
  • Flame Retardant
  • Heat Resistance
  • Impact Strength
  • Very Low Formaldehyde
  • Water Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Low Odor


  • Brake pad
  • Friction parts
  • Adhesives