Kowa American Corporation


TETRAX (Polyisobutylene) makes effective use in a variety of applications requiring excellent stability, adhesiveness, low temperature properties, weather resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance, transparency and applications requiring an extended use such as with removable labels.

Glycidyl Ether, EO, PO Copolymer

ALKOX® CP-B series is a random copolyner of phenyl glycidyl ether, ethylene oxide, and propylene oxide. CP-B series contains phenyl group Ca 5 wt% in CP-B1 and Ca 10 wt% in CP-B2. Applications are developed by utilizing its surface active effect of the hydrophobic phenyl group in the side chain.   Structure image       […]

Alkox® (PEO) for Personal Care

High purity, silica-free, water-soluble Polyethylene Oxide, offers substantial improvements in lubricity, silkiness, foaming ability (fine dense foams), wet combing ease and skin feel in personal care products even at concentrations less than 1%.