Kowa American Corporation

Polyaspartic Polyurea Resin F420

PPR F420 is an aminofunctional co-reactant for polyisocyanates used for the formulation of high-solids, two-component polyurethane topcoats and solvent-free coatings. PPR F420 is also useful when reacted with -NCO functional HDI trimmer showing longer gelling time and excellent yellow resistance.

Trimethylolpropane triacrylate

TMPTA is a trifunctional monomer used in the manufacture of plastics, adhesives, acrylic glue, anaerobic sealants, and ink. It is useful for its low volatility and fast cure response. It has the property of resistance against weather, chemical, water and abrasion.


TETRAX (Polyisobutylene) makes effective use in a variety of applications requiring excellent stability, adhesiveness, low temperature properties, weather resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance, transparency and applications requiring an extended use such as with removable labels.

Phenolic resin microspheres

BellPearl® Series are non-toxic, high performance phenolic resins with perfectly spherical shape. They are part of KOWA’s Microsphere series which is characterized with high molecular weight and low cross-linking density. PROPERTIES S type: A hot melt, self curing type. Soluble in solvents. Used as binder resins for moldings. Also used as thermo-setting resin. R type: Does not […]

Poly(tetramethylene ether)glycol

PTMG (Poly(tetramethylene ether)glycol / PTMG) is a linear polyether glycol with hydroxyl groups on both ends. As a polyol, it reacts readily with isocyanates (i.e., MDI, TDI, etc.) to produce resins with excellent properties such as impact resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, fungus resistance and low temperature flexibility. The Polyurethane applications are Polyurethane Elastomers, […]

Isobornyl acrylate

IBXA is a mono-functional reactive diluent that polymerizes when exposed to sources of free radicals. The bicyclic structure of IBXA produces polymers of increased Tg, while its mono-functionality minimizes cross-linking to provide coatings and inks with good hardness, resiliency, flexibility and impact resistance. IBXA is recommended for coatings requiring flexibility, hardness & thermal resistance, maintaining high […]