Kowa American Corporation

NK Ester HD-N

1,6-hexanediol dimethacrylate

NK Ester HD-N is a difunctional acrylic monomer which can be polymerized by free radicals. In particular, this product is designed for use in UV and Electron Beam curing applications mainly as a crosslinker. It can also be used in anaerobic adhesive applicaitons.


Name – Content
1.6-hexanediol dimethacrylate – ~100%
Insoluble in water
Soluble in alcohols, ketones and toluenes

Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure


CAS#: 6606-59-3

EINECS#: 235-921-9


  • Polymerizable
  • Resins


  • Automotive coatings
  • Coatings for Plastics
  • Electron Beam Curing
  • Plastics & Other Flexible Substrates Coatings
  • Resins
  • UV Cure Coatings
  • UV Cured Systems
  • UV Inkjet Inks