Kowa American Corporation

Barifine® BF-21, BF-25 & BF-26

Waterborne Barium Sulfates Series

Barifine® BF-21, BF-25 and BF-26 are excellent dispersions with superior transparency in water-born coatings due to surface treatment. These products show improvement in the haze-free gloss and jetness of black paints; as well as in the haze-free gloss and saturation of organic color pigments. Some recommended uses for these products include automotive topcoat and automotive surfacer by water-born coatings. They are also used in water-born coatings and water-born inks. are highly transparent, chemically inert, ultrafine barium sulfates that are manufactured by Sakai Chemical in Japan.

Features & Benefits

Excellent dispersion in water-borne coatings due to surface treatment
Superior transparency and haze-free gloss
Improvement in haze-free gloss & saturation of color paints


  • Water-based resin affinity


  • Automotive coatings
  • Coatings for Plastics
  • Metal Coatings
  • Paint & Coatings-Waterborne
  • Printing Ink