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Tertiary Butyl Methacrylate

t-BMA acts as a reactive monomer in order to produce other monomers/substances. t-BMA forms homopolymers and copolymers. tert-Butyl Methacrylate (t-BMA) is also a very useful feedstock for chemical syntheses, because it readily undergoes addition reactions with a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds.

Sodium methallyl sulfonate

SMAS is mainly used as the third monomer in the process of wet polyacrylonitrile. It can improve the dyeability, heat resistance, sense of touch and ease the weaving of the polyacrylonitrile. Also, it can be used in water treatment and paint additive industries. This item is regularly stocked in stateside.

Tricyclodecane dimethanol dimethacrylate

NK Ester DCP is a low viscosity difunctional acrylate monomer that is polymerized by free radicals. It can be used in a variety of UV and Electron Beam cured applications where flexibility and adhesion are required. NK Ester DCP also demonstrated good film toughness and weathering characteristics.

Trimellitic anhydride

TMA is used in the synthesis of plasticisers and for producing epoxy and alkyd resins as well as a variety of other products including dyes, insecticides, polyester resins and pharmaceuticals. It is also widely used in the formulation of paints and plastics. Trimellitic anhydride is used mainly in the synthesis of trimellitate esters. These esters are […]

Phenolic resin microspheres

BellPearl® Series are non-toxic, high performance phenolic resins with perfectly spherical shape. They are part of KOWA’s Microsphere series which is characterized with high molecular weight and low cross-linking density. PROPERTIES S type: A hot melt, self curing type. Soluble in solvents. Used as binder resins for moldings. Also used as thermo-setting resin. R type: Does not […]

Difunctional Hydroxy- Terminal 1,2 Diol

ACTFLOW is a non-solvent functional and reactive acrylic polymer of low-molecular weight that has come out of molecular weight control technology. Due to environmentally sound characteristics as a non-solvent liquid polymer and excellent normal-temperature fluidity, ACTFLOW is recommended as a plasticizer replacement, modifying agent and additive agent.

Zinc (Meth)Acrylate-LIQUID

Our Zinc (Meth)Acrylate is solvent soluble liquid (Math) Acrylate. Good adhesion to metal surface.  It contributes to transparent, High refractive index, heat resistance, adhesion.    


BTF is used as a specialty solvent in organic synthesis and an intermediate in the production of pesticides and pharmaceuticals. BTF is an alternative solvent to dichloromethane.


Our Copolymer PCD(Poly carbonate diol) is liquid at room temperature, and offers heat/hydrolysis/chemical/abrasion resistance, good softness and lower crystallinity.  The solubility and elasticity are also excellent comparing to standard solid homopolymer PUD. T5652, G4672 and G3452 have 400-900% solubility for measure solvents(Toluene, DMF, Ethyl acetate MEK etc.) This product is recommended for polyurethane dispersions, polyurethane […]